Welcome to Indian Paranormal Society.

Indian Paranormal Society is a professional association of dedicated paranormal investigators, UFOlogists, Parapsychologists and enthusiasts focused on researching and understanding the human condition through the scientific study of aerial, anomalous & psychical  phenomena, its reality and its affect on humanity.This is a place for serious anomalous researchers covering all forms of anomalous phenomena.  Join us if you have serious interest in paranormal !

We have shifted to  www.gripteam.org

please visit ( www.gripteam.org ) to see our latest updates.

ParaNexus Association

We are proud members of ParaNexus.  
ParaNexus is a professional 501(c)(3) nonprofit trade association of dedicated and progressive ufologists, parapsychologists, & enthusiasts from all over the world.


'Ghost Research & Investigators of Paranormal' is a certified team of Indian Paranormal Society formed to research and investigate the anomalous and paranormal phenomenon in India.

MTV Girls Night Out

MTV Girls Night Out is a television show on MTV India, based on real scientific paranormal investigation at haunted places in India by G.R.I.P.© team.


Gaurav Tiwari


Gaurav Tiwari is a certified Leading Paranormal Investigator, Certified Paranormal Investigator and a Certified UFO Field Investigator for ParaNexus. and Founder/Director of Indian Paranormal Society and Lead Investigator for G.R.I.P ©.Team.

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